Cytomatrix – Omega Liquid Forte

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Omega Liquid Forte

A high-potency, balanced blend of EPA and DHA to support healthy lipid balance, cell membranes and inflammatory pathways. Delivered in their native triglyceride forms for optimal absorption and tolerability.
  • Each teaspoon delivers a balanced blend of 1350mg EPA and 1300mg DHA, sourced from sardines, anchovies and mackerel, in their highly bioavailable and native triglyceride form
  • Stabilized with a proprietary antioxidant blend of GMO-free mixed tocopherols, green tea extract, rosemary and vitamin C
  • iFOS (International Fish Oil Standard) certified to meet the highest quality standards and to guarantee optimal stability, potency and purity
  • Indicated for general support of cell membranes and inflammatory pathways, cardiovascular function, balanced immunity, cognition, mental health, skin health and atopic concerns
  • Each 200ml bottle provides 40 servings in a natural lemonade and goji berry flavoured liquid


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