Cytomatrix – Liposomal Quercitin

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Liposomal Quercetin

166.6mg of micellar liposomal quercetin per teaspoon to provide enhanced bioavailability, stability and sustained release, ultimately delivering greater anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory action. Pineapple flavour for improved compliance.
  • 166.6mg of micellar liposomal quercetin per teaspoon, designed to overcome the naturally poor bioavailability of standard quercetin supplements
  • Patented Cyto-Sorb technology utilizes a two-phase emulsion process with phosphatidylcholine sourced from nonGMO sunflower, vitamin E and organic coconut vegetable glycerin to create these micellar liposomes and drastically improve the bioavailability, stability and sustained release of quercetin
  • Indicated for mast cell stabilization and anti-histamine action in order to manage and treat allergic and inflammatory responses such as hay fever and non-bacterial prostatitis
  • Each teaspoon provides 166.6mg of micellar liposomal quercetin in a pineapple flavour
  • 225mL per bottle offers 45 servings


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