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Envy Silk Pillow: The 3 Pillars of a good night’s Sleep

1. Ergonomic and Chiropractic Support

This Chiropractic endorsed therapeutic neck support pillow provides unparalleled head support, neck support, shoulder support and spinal support for optimal alignment.  Recommended Medical Device slept on by Chiros, Physios, RMTs, and other Wellness Professionals. The OFF YOUR FACE patented design is ideal for TMJ pain sufferers and those wearing orthodontic appliances.

2. Anti-Aging: Preventing Sleep Wrinkles

Patented Off-Your-Face design minimizes Face-to-Pillow contact and maximizes the results of any anti-aging treatment. Prevents Sleep Lines /Sleep wrinkles that we wake up to in the morning.

3. Sleep Quality and Comfort

We use LuxFeel memory foam  in our pillows which has a soft feel with awesome support.  Only memory foam pillow on the market with an “always soft  feel” even in sub freezing temperatures!

What Makes the EnVy Pillow So Special ?

Unique Patented “Stepping Stone Design” (The Support)

Each enVy® Anti-Wrinkle Pillow comes equipped with a 2 neck support system.  We call it our Stepping Stone option.

The majority of our clients choose the larger neck support.  If you have the dreaded “tech neck” caused by  spending countless hours at a computer or desk you may suffer from a “forward head lean”.  Our pillow helps put that  mal-alignment of your spine back to where it should be.

Ergonomic Sloped Sides (The Shape)

Our ergonomic smart sloped sides cradle and tilt your head, putting you in the optimal sleeping position and helping you maintain neck support and alignment correctly.  Research supports our products help in avoiding face and jaw compression… great for avoiding sleep wrinkles and aggravating TMJ while you sleep.

Central Elevated Pattern (The Sweet Spot)

Improves air circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points. In addition, the small bumps are placed at acupressure points named G20  at the base of the skull/ top of the neck.  Pressure at these points can help relieve headaches, stiff neck and sinus congestion.

Canadian Made State-of-the-Art LuxFeel Memory Foam Construction

Memory foams have been on the market for more than a decade and considered to be the best choice for neck support due to its molded shape.  The enVy pillow is made with Canadian made LuxFeel memory foam which DOES NOT become firm in cold temperatures… even below freezing.

This Beauty Pillow comes with either a 100% Bamboo Pillow Case or 100% Mulberry SILK Pillow Case

Our 100% Bamboo Pillowcase

  • Environmentally friendly and is made from grass as opposed to tree materials.

  • Rarely needs pesticides and herbicides as it highly sustainable.

  • Bamboo is anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and is immune to dust mites.

  • Reduces facial friction and helps lessen tissue pressure and movement as a result.

  • Form fitted to the pillow to avoid creasing of the fabric which normally causes additional facial crease lines.

  • Has superior insulating properties allowing it to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It should be washed in cold water and hung to dry to avoid shrinkage

Our 100% Mulberry SILK Pillowcase (19 Momme weight) 
  • Composed by a rare species of silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves and is the softest silk with a shiny appearance on both sides.

  • Extremely strong natural, odorless, hypoallergenic and extremely breathable fabric allowing air to move through the fabric which means new oxygen is passing by your skin throughout the night.

  • Unlike cotton and other materials, mulberry silk does not absorb moisture which means your skin’s natural oils and applied moisturizes stay on your face allowing them to do their intended job.

  • Composed of amino acids present in the material have been medically acclaimed as beneficial properties that improve health of the consumer.

  • Offers a calming effect and improves hair conditions and delays the onset of winkles.

  • Mulberry silk acts as a natural bed bug repellant because the natural fabric structure is very smooth so bed bugs are not able to stick on it.

The “enVy® will travel” satin bag

Bring quality beauty sleep with you on vacation!

enVy is a green, environmentally friendly company. Rather than over packaging our products with plastics and cardboard, we have chosen to distribute and display this product in a deluxe fabric bag. Keep this bag. We are positive that you will love your enVy® anti-wrinkle pillow and that will want to take it wherever you go. EnVy has the unique ability to be easily rolled up into a tight

bundle and tucked into your bag for travel.  When you unpack it, it opens up and goes back to its original space.

Make your neck pains or shoulder pains disappear …buy your enVy® pillow today!


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