Seroyal – Candicin

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Essential oils from ginger and wormwood for relief of digestive disturbances
• Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve digestive upsets such as flatulence and abdominal bloating
• Provides 90 mg each of ginger essential oil and wormwood oil per daily dose
• Also includes 190 mg of oregano flowering tops essential oil, 90 mg of clove leaf essential oil and 40 mg of evening primrose seed oil per daily dose

Candicin is a combination of natural oils that are traditionally used to help alleviate digestive disturbances. Gastrointestinal upsets, including flatulence and abdominal bloating, may result from improper gastric or intestinal transit of food.1 Ginger contains oleoresin, which is responsible for its pungent odour.2 Elements in this resin, including shogaols, gingerols, and zingerone, can bind receptors on endocrine cells in the GI tract and pancreas.2 This results in increased gastric and bile secretion, gastric motility, and gastric emptying.2 Pancreatic digestive enzymes are increasingly released, which decreases the transit time through the intestines and helps relieve digestive upsets.2 Ginger also increases the flow of blood to the mucosal layer of the stomach, and inhibits serotonin receptors, which are responsible for mediating nausea.2 Wormwood oil contains absinthin, an extremely bitter compound.3 Similar to the pungent ginger, bitter compounds can bind receptors on endocrine cells in the GI tract and pancreas, synergistically enhancing gastric secretion, motility, and pancreatic digestion.2