Cytomatrix – Liposomal GABA & Theonine

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Liposomal GABA & L-Theanine

300mg of GABA and 100mg of L-theanine per teaspoon in micellar liposomal delivery for enhanced bioavailability, stability and sustained release. Designed to support stress, sleep and mood. Natural orange flavour.
  • GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, responsible for calming the overactive central nervous system, and has been studied for its ability to improve mood, sleep parameters and both subjective and objective markers of the stress response
  • L-theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea that can balance neurotransmitters in the brain and support a calm, yet focused, state
  • Patented Cyto-Sorb technology utilizes a two-phase emulsion process with phosphatidylcholine sourced from nonGMO sunflower, vitamin E and organic coconut vegetable glycerin to create micellar liposomes and drastically improve the bioavailability, stability and sustained release
  • Each teaspoon provides 300mg of micellar liposomal GABA and 100mg of micellar liposomal L-theanine in a delicious natural orange flavour for improved compliance
  • 225mL per bottle offers 45 servings